Agrobrain is Quality Partner of i3-Technologies, the leading provider for communication technologies in meeting and training rooms. We create places, where people love to learn, communicate and work efficiently:

  • Teammeeting: for efficient meetings
  • Project Management: for interactive cooperation (Design Thinking, Scrum-Aproach)
  • Strategic Management: for fast and structured decision making within the team
  • Training: for unforgetable trainings and education

i3-Technologies offers perfect and easy solutions, who support various kind of interaction within small and larger groups. Hard- and Software can be combined with White-, Paper- or Pinboards. The participation in a meetng can take place on site, from the home-office or from anywhere else.

The use of i3-Technologies Solutions is intuitively and easy:


  • i3BOARDS: Interactive Whiteboard-Systems
  • i3TOUCH: Interactive Touch-Displays
  • i3PROJECTOR: Interactive Projectors
  • i3SYNC: Plug-and-play wireless Full HD Presentations-Tool
  • i3MOMENTUM: Visual Communication-Platform for the combination of electronic and classical visual communication


  • i3HUDDLE: the complete plug-&-play meeting room solution
  • i3MEETINGHUB: comprehensive presentations intuitively working with various users
  • i3ANNOTATE: writing hand written notes over any desktop application
  • I3SNAP: for the exchange of analog notes with everyone everywhere

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